5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Food During Loose Motion In Babies.

Being a responsibility parenting is an art and matter of honor to a mom. When a child comes in the world that is a matter of celebration to all of the family members and especially for newly mom. The immunity of new born baby is too much week many types of health problem he can one of them is Loose Motion in Babies.So he required a special care and full attention.

Like many other disease Loose Motion in Babies is difficult time. This is the process during which flushing toxins, a lot of salt and water comes out of the body. The main reason is this dehydration.

Here I want to explore some reason for Loose Motion in babies:

baby Poor Hygiene:
That Surrounding in a baby play may be infected and cause of loose motion. Always try to keep clean your home with home cleaner products.


Heat is one another reason of loose motion in babies. So try to keep the baby away from direct sunlight in summer or transition in season.

Unbalanced Digestive System:

Often an unbalanced digesting system may be a major reason of loose motion in babies. Make sure that baby should eat clean, fresh and tested products only.

Infected Water & food

Sometime eating infected food or water may be the reason of loose motion in baby.

Mouthing Objects:

Make sure to wash and sanitize the toys used by the baby.

You Suggest following some foods During Loose Motion for Babies and Kids.

Mouthing Object

Butter Milk:

Buttermilk is more effective food during the loose motion in babies add in a pinch of salt and roasted jeera powder with hing for better result and flavor.
Buttre Milk

White Bread:

There is one another option white bread during the loose motion in babies and toddlers.
White Bread


For the instant energy in loose motion boiled carrots are very effective.

Breast Milk

Breast Milk:

If baby is under six month than breast milk is only the food should be given to the baby.
Daal Khichadi

Daal Khichdi:

By adding Daal and rice a dish made that is called daal khichdi is very popular food in loose motion.
Daal Pani

Daal Pani:

Like Daal Khichdi Daal Pani also very effective in loose motion in babies.


Glucose Powder by added in cold or boiled water can be given to kids.


Banana is very effective food in loose motion.


We will prefer sabudana in loose motion for the kids.