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Regular pads inspired by high performance fabrics to quickly pull moisture away from your body and allow air circulation.



Wings pads was inspired by athletic wear. It has flexible layers that move with your body, while wicks moisture away.


XL Wings

XL Wings – the only with NIGHT-GUARD Zone and 18 anti-leak channels for overnight protection during heavy period flow.


Baby Nap

Most newborns will sleep for two to four hours at a time, day and night. At this stage, you shouldn't expect any sort of napping pattern

Tips for Moms

Stay Calm, Avoid Stress

The miracle of life is taking shape inside you. Enjoy those 40 weeks. Calmness should be your byword. Do things that make you calm. Meditate. Get sufficient hours of sleep. Listen to your body. Also, remember your baby is listening. So, listen to music that is marked by serenity. Reach for Mozart or Ravi Shankar. Avoid stressful situations.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You need energy while you are pregnant and exercise will make you feel better and give you energy. You need strength to handle delivery; exercise will give you that strength. Brisk walking, swimming, Yoga, or whatever else works for you. Just do it. Moderate exercise is great during pregnancy. Good for you and good for your baby still taking shape inside you. Stay clear of smoking and alcohol. It's a crucial phase of your life. Lifestyle changes will do you a world of good.


Massaging your baby is one of the best things you can do together with your child. Also, research has shown that baby massage can lead to improved physiological, cognitive and emotional development. Sing a song, or play some gentle music, and give your baby a soothing massage, which can last between 15 minutes to half-an-hour. Make sure the room in warm and the baby is well rested. Use a recommended massage oil or moisturizer, spread it in your palms and start with massaging the child's soles, then moving up to the legs and thighs and then the rest of the body. Physical contact that happens through massage is special.

Calming A Crying Baby

Ask most parents. They will tell you their greatest challenge is: how to calm their crying baby? Often the reason for the uncontrollable crying is not obvious and it drives you to your wit's end. A problem there certainly is; it's just that you can't see it. Try burping the baby. Stop feeding if the baby is crying. Rock your baby in your arms. Try singing, talking or playing soft music. If the crying refuses to cease, consider taking the baby out for a ride in a stroller. Or a car.