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Regular Pads

Regular pads feature Thermo Control® Technology, inspired by high performance athletic fabrics to quickly pull moisture away from your body and allow air circulation. Light to moderate period flow.Everyday freshness and protection from discharge.Panty protection any time.Daily freshness and odor control.



Wings is nearly 40% longer than an ordinary pad and gives you long lasting protectionand 5X more absorbency. Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection. Super saver pack of 30 pads and daily freshness and odor control.


XL Wings

It's not always easy to get a good night's sleep when you have your period. And it's not just because of bloating, period cramps and other unwelcome menstrual symptoms that might visit at that time of the month. You guard your movements, trying to protect against nighttime leaks.

baby nap

Baby Nap

You should change your baby's nappies regularly. Your baby's wee, combined with the bacteria in her poo, may make her skin sore and lead to nappy rash. Change your baby's nappy before or after every feed, or whenever he's/she's done a poo.