Eat Smart

Hunger pangs are a given when you are pregnant. But Eat smart. Like juicy burgers and cheese burst pizzas? Who doesn't? Well, cut it out. No better time to eliminate junk food from your diet. It's low in fiber, tastes good, but packs huge number of calories in a small volume. Instead introduce plenty of fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, milk and lean protein into your diet. And cut back on your caffeine intake. The old aphorism that you are what your mother eats is no exaggeration.


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You need energy while you are pregnant and Exercise will make you feel better and give you energy. You need strength to handle delivery, Exercise will give you that strength. Brisk walking, swimming, Yoga, or whatever else works for you. Just do it. Moderate exercise is great during pregnancy. Good for you and good for your baby still taking shape inside you. Stay clear of smoking and alcohol. It's a crucial phase of your life. Lifestyle changes will do you a world of good.

Do Excercise

Stay Calm, Avoid Stress

The miracle of life is taking shape inside you. Enjoy those 40 weeks. Calmness should be your byword. Do things that make you calm. Meditate. Get sufficient hours of sleep. Listen to your body. Also, remember your baby is listening. So, listen to music that is marked by serenity. Reach for Mozart or Ravi Shankar. Avoid stressful situations.


Sleep Well, Be Rested

Your day's schedule is going to be determined by your child. Being sensible about it will ensure you are not perennially short of sleep. Follow the old adage—sleep when your baby sleeps. Get the baby's workaholic father to participate in the baby years. Take turns at night to rock the baby to sleep. Or work out shifts—if you are up with the baby at night, get your husband to do the morning care. Remember the baby will sleep easiest on your chest. Not time yet to start obsessing over getting the child into bad habits.


No Popping Pills

Carefully watch the 'no popping pills' arrangement all through your pregnancy. Tell your specialist every one of the medications that you are taking, or plan on taking, paying little heed to whether they are doctor prescribed medications or over-the-counter. Counsel your specialist even on vitamins and herbs that you are taking. Some of them could influence your infant. The medications you could begin taking, in consultation with your specialist, incorporate a pre-natal vitamin or folic corrosive.

Avoid Pills

Ignore Unsolicited Advice

That is one of the greatest difficulties of turning into another mother. Everybody will have exhortation and tips to offer, frequently conflicting. Your head will begin turning in the event that you take after each suggestion that comes your direction. Be particular about how you listen to. Surely your specialist and perhaps maybe a couple others. Listen to others, express gratitude toward them for indicating concern and proceed onward reckless. On the off chance that somebody chooses to berate you about the social occasion clean or unwashed dishes, give them a duster.


Calming A Crying Baby

Ask most parents. They will tell you their greatest challenge is: how to calm their crying baby? Often the reason for the uncontrollable crying is not obvious and it drives you to your wit's end. A problem there certainly is; it's just that you can't see it. Try burping the baby. Stop feeding if the baby is crying. Rock your baby in your arms. Try singing, talking or playing soft music. If the crying refuses to cease, consider taking the baby out for a ride in a stroller. Or a car.

Crying Baby


Massaging your baby is one of the best things you can do together with your child. Also, research has shown that baby massage can lead to improved physiological, cognitive and emotional development. Sing a song, or play some gentle music, and give your baby a soothing massage, which can last between 15 minutes to half-an-hour. Make sure the room in warm and the baby is well rested. Use a recommended massage oil or moisturizer, spread it in your palms and start with massaging the child's soles, then moving up to the legs and thighs and then the rest of the body. Physical contact that happens through massage is special.